There are various tests that a facility may require to screen for active Tuberculosis.

  • PPD (Tuberculosis Skin Test) small injection of PPD (purified protein derivative ) under your skin on your forearm. It is then read 48-72hrs later. If the test is negative there should be no swelling or induration. If the test is positive there will be swelling or an induration of 5mm-9mm.

  • Quantiferon (Q-gold): Tuberculosis blood test measures the immune system response of T cell activation to a possible Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. It requires a blood sample and may take days to result.

  • TSPOT: Tuberculosis blood test that similarly measures the T cells that have been sensitized by TB infection. It requires a blood sample and typically takes 24-48 hours to result.

Please note that if any results are positive, we will need to send you in for a Chest X-Ray to rule out active Tuberculosis.

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