It is a Trusted and Joint Commission requirement that all Trusted Nurses achieve a passing score on general and specialty-specific competency exams in order to be compliant for an assignment.

Competency exams must be completed annually and must remain up to date throughout the duration of employment.

Relias is the provider Trusted uses to assign competency exams for compliance before and during an assignment. See the commonly asked questions below for help navigating, completing, and uploading competency exams.

Accessing & Completing Exams

How do I get the exams?

Relias exams will be sent to your email or you can access the exams here.
Here is a link that explains how to request a competency exam yourself.

What if the incorrect exams were assigned to me?

If the exams assigned to you seem wrong, please notify your Compliance Coordinator.

What if I forgot my password?

Let us know and we can reset that for you!

How long are Relias exams good for?

They are good for one year and must be re-completed annually. However, if they expire within 30 days of your start date, we will resend you them to complete prior to the start of your assignment.

Can you accept exams from other agencies?

Yes, as long as they are within 1 year and are properly downloaded as a PDF.

Passing & Uploading

What if I do not pass an exam?

Please let us know and we can send you the exam up to 3 times.

Do I need to upload the completed exam to my profile?

You can upload the PDF version of the Relias exams to your profile or they will be uploaded within a few days of completion by our team.

What is the passing score?

The score must be an 80% or higher than the modified Angoff score.

What if I cannot pass?

You can find study guides for the exams here.

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