See below for the few common reasons that certifications are rejected.


  • Most facilities only accept American Heart Association (AHA) certifications for PALS, ACLS, BLS, & NIHSS.

  • If your NIHSS is not from American Heart Association, please use this link to take NIHSS through AHA for $10.00

  • Your Certification is from AHA but is RQI. Please make sure your RQI is up to date and renewed every 3 months (if applicable) at an RQI machine. If your certification is through RQI please use this link to verify and upload with E-card/Wallet card.

Card Type

The E-card (see example below) is typically required , rather than the wallet card.

If you have the wallet card you can lookup your E-card through this website:


  • Your certification expires within 30 days of start. Please have a class scheduled already as the facility will request this information in order to accept the certification.

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