We are happy to reimburse for things that are directly related to the assignment you will take as a Trusted nurse! This includes certifications not typically required for your specialty.

We do not reimburse for items that you would typically need to maintain for regular employment as a nurse (i.e. critical care positions require ACLS and a critical care nurse would be required to maintain ACLS certification regardless of assignment). Thus, BLS is never reimbursable. We also do not reimburse for travel or relocation to and/or from an assignment.

Reimbursements must be sent within 30 days of incurring the expenditure. To submit a request, email a copy of your receipts to hello@trustedhealth.com. Approved reimbursements are paid out with Friday payroll, as long as the expense is submitted by the prior Monday.

If you don't see your reimbursement on your payroll preview, respond directly to the email and let us know!

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