The Quick Answer:
You will receive an email with your orientation and first day information the Thursday or Friday before your start date. 

The Details: 

Congratulations on your new assignment! 

We will let you know first day & orientation details as soon as we know them. Orientations vary by facility so we have to wait to hear the specifics of your assignment straight from them to give you great information. 

Trusted typically receives specific orientation information the Thursday or Friday before your contract starts. If we have it sooner, you will too! 

What will be in that email:

  1. The Trusted's Digital Handbook. These are the most common questions about compensation, benefits, and conduct guide. You can go ahead and dive into that now:

  2. An attachment with the Orientation & Assignment Information. 

  3. Timekeeping Instructions. (How to track your hours so we can get you paid each week!) 

Good Things To Know: 

  1. You should receive your unit schedule during orientation. If you do not, please reach out to your Nurse Advocate!

  2. We use ADP as our payroll system to pay our awesome Nurses! You will log into their website and set up an account so we can pay you via direct deposit each Friday. This link will also be in that email. 

  3. We use ADP for benefits and you get to decide if you want to sign up for any medical benefits within 30 days. If you don't sign up it is an automatic opt-out. This link will also be in that email. 

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