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How do I review my offer & what should I know?
How do I review my offer & what should I know?
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Congrats! You’ve received your offer! Now what? Your offer email provides the details of your offer.

❗ You have 24 hours from when the offer is received to accept, decline, or negotiate the details!

If you accept, we will follow up with a formal contract! When reviewing your offer, keep in mind that we are only able to put into our contract what is agreed upon by the facility, their Managed Service Provider (MSP), Trusted, and yourself.

A quick reminder that the MSP is the facility's point of contact who manages and supports their travel needs. Which is why they play a role in facilitating the offer and contract details.

Review the Location or Unit

Can be negotiated? Maybe

First things first: where are you going and where are you working? This might seem like a no-brainer, but an offer can be sent to Trusted with offer details that do not align with the location or unit you applied to. This rarely happens, and usually is an oversight on their side since they work with thousands of clinicians. Still, please review the location and unit to ensure there is no discrepancy before accepting your offer.

Review the Start Date

Can be negotiated? Yes

Initial start dates listed on an offer are based on 4 main factors:

  1. Timing of the offer

  2. Facility staffing needs

  3. Orientation schedules

  4. Compliance requirements

Each facility and its MSP have a set timeline for when compliance requirements must be completed, reviewed, and approved in order to clear a clinician to start their assignment. Sometimes this means that they require a clinician to be fully cleared for compliance 1-2 weeks prior to a start date. We strive to have you onboarded and ready to start day one of your contract and work hard to determine the start date based on these compliance requirements and timelines.

If you are looking to start earlier than what is approved on the offer, this is unlikely as we strive to start every clinician as soon as possible every time.

If your start date is pending this means one of those three parties is still waiting for approval based on the orientation schedules, facility needs, or compliance timelines.

❗ If you are traveling internationally or will be traveling for any period of time between now and your start date, where you will be unable to complete compliance and onboarding requirements, please notify your Nurse Advocate immediately!

What are some questions I should ask myself when reflecting on my start date?

  • What is the latest I am willing to start my assignment?

  • If my pending start date becomes approved for a week or two later than I expected, am I still willing to work this assignment?

  • If my start date is later than expected, can I make the adjusted end date work for this assignment?

  • If I decline this offer due to wanting an earlier start date, is it realistic to find a new assignment that is starting earlier?

Review the Time Off

Can be negotiated? Maybe

Time off must be presented to the hiring manager and facility at the time of submitting your application and often times discussed further during an interview (if there was one). The reason time off requests are disclosed early on is that facilities can have specific time off requirements (either a maxed number of days or days where no time off is approved, especially around the holidays).

MSPs will get approval directly from the facility for your time off to be honored in the contract. Because of this, time off can be listed as either pending or approved on your offer. If you discussed your time off with the hiring manager during an interview, please let your Nurse Advocate know.

What are some questions I should ask myself when reflecting on my time off?

  • Do I need these days off or can I schedule my shifts around them and discuss it with the manager while on assignment?

  • Am I willing to forgo my time off to make an earlier start date?

  • Does my time off differ from what I put in my application?

Review the Call, Weekend, Holiday, & Floating Requirements

Can be negotiated? No

Call, weekend, and holiday requirements are set by the facility and MSP and we are unable to negotiate these details or the pay rates associated with those. Floating is within the nature of traveling and our contracts all include that clinicians may be expected to float within their scope of practice.

If you would like a more in-depth look at the holiday and call rates, please ask your Nurse Advocate!

What are some questions I should ask myself when reflecting on these requirements?

  • How close will I need to live near the facility if I am required to be on call?

  • What holidays are during my contract, and can I work them?

Review the Length & Shift

Can be negotiated? Maybe

Length and shift are subject to change based on unit needs. If your shift or assignment length differs from what you were told in the interview, please let your Nurse Advocate know so we can verify with the MSP. We understand if a change in the details you originally applied for prevents you from taking the assignment.

What are some questions I should ask myself when reflecting on the contract length?

  • Does a change in assignment length interfere with any upcoming events in my life/time off?

Review the Cancellation Policy

Can be negotiated? No

Cancellation policies are set by the facility and MSP which means they are unable to be changed or negotiated. If your cancellation is listed as "n/a" in the offer, this means there is no facility or MSP specific policy. In cases where there is no policy, it defaults to Trusted’s policy which is:

Guaranteed hours do not apply during the first and last week of an assignment, during any weeks containing orientation or a holiday, and days/weeks that have approved time off (including paid sick leave). Guaranteed hours also do not apply to local contracts.

More questions? Check out this article for more information on cancellation policies and guaranteed hours.

Review the Pay Package

Can be negotiated? No

At Trusted, our pay packages are formulated based on several variables and put into a complex algorithm that takes a lot of factors into consideration to achieve this (GSA tables, location, etc.), all while maintaining tax compliance. Keep in mind no one here is working on commission so we are committed to giving you the most we can upfront. We strive to be transparent in our rates and in your pay package. We’re always happy to ask if your facility can approve a pay increase at the time of an extension! We can't promise anything but we can always advocate for you and see what they say!

More questions? Check out this article for more information on how rates are set.

More questions? Check out this article for more information on stipends and reimbursements.

Review the Contract Type - Travel vs Local

Can be negotiated? Not applicable

There are two options for contracts at Trusted. Travel (receives stipends) and Local (fully taxed, does not receive stipends). Nearly any position can be taken as a local contract as long as the facility does not have any rules around accepting clinicians within a certain mile radius. There is no definitive mileage outlined by the IRS for taking a local fully taxed pay package. As a matter of practice, we do not define when a clinician is local and when they are not local. As the stipulations and variables for taxes are so specific to each person, and seeing as Trusted is not made up of qualified tax advisors, our team cannot provide advice about this. Keep in mind that local contracts do not include guaranteed hours.

Audrey McCollough, RN, BSN and Trusted teammate wrote Your Guide to Travel Nurse Taxes, an informative blog that outlines important things to consider when determining if you qualify as a traveler for a given assignment (although it is written to nurses, it still applies to our allied health professionals)!

I reviewed my offer, what’s next?

I reviewed my offer & everything looks great!

If all the details look great to you, let your Nurse Advocate know that you’d like to accept the offer. They will accept the offer on your behalf!

Once you verbally accept, we let the facility know! The expectation from here is that you are moving forward in signing the contract.

❗ Keep in mind that once you have signed a contract, choosing not to move forward will be considered a contract cancellation so it is really important to be sure all of the details are aligned with your needs prior to accepting!

It is the expectation of Trusted, its partners, and the patients to whom they provide care that Trusted Clinicians make every effort to fulfill their contractual commitments. While Trusted acknowledges that there are circumstances for which it is necessary to terminate contractual commitment, Trusted reviews contract cancellations and their impact on patient care, facility relationships, and Trusted with the utmost scrutiny! Be sure to keep in mind the commitment you are making to Trusted and the facility before accepting a position!

I reviewed my offer & I need to negotiate details or have additional questions!

We have all heard the phrase "each patient is different'' and this is true away from the bedside as every offer is different. Facilities and MSPs can vary slightly in what we are able to negotiate depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the details above, please speak with your Nurse Advocate ASAP. Nurse Advocates are well versed in offer details, negotiations, and knowing what is acceptable in each situation!

I reviewed my offer & I need to decline & look for something else!

If you are not able to meet an agreement with the facility or MSP and would like to decline the offer, please let your Nurse Advocate know ASAP. Withdrawing your application from the position within the Trusted mobile app does not mean that you are declining the offer. Your Nurse Advocate will need to be notified in order to decline the offer on your behalf.

We would love to continue to help you in your search for an assignment that aligns with your needs. Ensure your profile is up-to-date and apply to jobs you are interested in and would be excited to receive an offer for!

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