It is always exciting when a nurse decides they'd like to extend! Your Extension Coordinator will be happy to assist you in this process. To request an extension, you'll start by reaching out to your Care Team by sending a new message in Inbox. We will get you in contact with your assigned Extension Coordinator!

Details we will need to start:

  1. Have you spoken to your manager about extending? (Getting approval from your manager beforehand can help speed up the process!)

  2. How long would you like to extend?

  3. Do you need any time off during the extension?

Facilities ask that we send over all requests needing approval at the same time as the approval process can take a while. So once you've confirmed all of this information with your Extension Coordinator, we can get the extension process started.

In most cases, Trusted can reach out to request an extension on your behalf. Occasionally, due to each facility's individual policies, there will be limits on when we are able to initiate the process. This may mean we cannot request the extension until 4-6 weeks from your contract's end date. There are also times that we cannot proactively reach out to request an extension at all-when we must wait for an offer to be extended by the facility first. If either of these situations apply, your Extension Coordinator will be sure to let you know when you request the extension!

Once our team has requested the extension, the request is most often sent to a third party known as the Managed Service Provider (MSP). These are the third party vendors that facilitate offers and extensions between Trusted and the facilities we work with. That's why even if your manager says they have approved the extension, we might not receive that approval on our end right away. Everything has to go through the vendor first!

Once we receive an offer, your Extension Coordinator will contact you through Inbox on your Trusted profile to let you know:

  • What dates were offered for the extension

  • If your time off was approved

  • What the pay package will be

You can review all this information before deciding if you'd like to accept the extension. Once you accept, a new contract will be emailed to you to sign. Once you've signed it, congrats! You've been extended!

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