I'm interested in extending- can you tell me what the pay package will be?
In order to find out the rate for your extension, we have to first receive an offer from the facility. Your Care Team will be happy to assist you with requesting an extension. Once our team reaches out and if the facility is interested, they will respond with an offer including the pay package so that you can review this package before accepting.

In order to request an extension, your Care Team will want to know:

  • The dates you'd like to extend

  • Any time off you'll need

  • If you've spoken to your manager about extending

  • What rate you are requesting

You can reach out to your Care Team via Inbox to get the extension process started!

Can I request a pay increase for my extension?

We are happy to ask if your facility can approve a pay increase at the time of an extension. We can't promise anything, but we will always advocate for you and see what can be negotiated. Facilities ultimately set the rates that determine our compensation packages and we always pay as much as we can!

Will I receive an extension bonus?

We don't typically offer extension bonuses, but we have seen them offered before! If the facility is offering an extension bonus for your contract, then that is always given to you.

Can I increase my pay without extending?

Please see this article for more information.

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