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What holidays are eligible for holiday rate & how does it impact my pay?
What holidays are eligible for holiday rate & how does it impact my pay?
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What holidays are eligible for holiday rates?

Holidays and hours eligible for the holiday rate will be listed in your contract. You are paid at the holiday rate (instead of the base rate) for hours worked during the specific holidays.

What if my facility observes a holiday that Trusted does not?

You will only receive your holiday rate for the holidays listed as eligible in your contract.

How do I track my time worked on a holiday?

Open the Trusted Mobile App and attach your facility timekeeping documentation to the correct week's time submission. We will ensure that the appropriate rates are applied!

❗ Your timekeeping submission must include in/out times for the holiday rate (flat hours, e.g. “12 hours”, will not be sufficient for the holiday rate to be applied). If you are on electronic timekeeping and your documentation only shows flat hours, you must specify your exact in/out times in the notes section of your Trusted submission.

Then, as always confirm that you’re ready to submit and complete your submission!

What if my facility is closed on a holiday?

If the facility you are working at is closed in observance of a holiday and you were scheduled to work that day, you may log that shift in the Trusted Mobile App as "Called Off by Facility" and in the notes section put "facility closed for the holiday." Since the facility is closed, you will not receive your regular pay, but you may still receive stipends for that shift if applicable.

Do my guaranteed hours apply to weeks with holidays?

There are no guaranteed hours during any weeks containing a holiday, the first week of your contract, the last week of your contract, any weeks where you have requested time off, or any week containing orientation. In all other instances, as long as you're willing and available to work your contracted hours and there is no facility "call-off" policy, your hours are guaranteed.

How are call-back hours paid out if worked on a holiday?

If you are scheduled on-call during holiday hours, and you are called back to work at the facility (as qualified callback time), you will be paid out either the call-back rate or holiday rate, whichever is the highest amount.

Can I use sick leave during a holiday week?

Sick leave can be used during a week that contains a holiday. Documentation is not required at the time of submitting your weekly timecard. However, we may request that you submit documentation to use paid sick leave as permitted under applicable federal, state, and local law.

In these cases, we must receive documentation on the reason for your leave before you can receive payment for the shifts for which this leave was taken.

Official documentation includes your name and the dates excused from work or the date of your appointment. This could be a doctor's note, Telehealth appointment confirmation, urgent care visit receipt, positive covid test (at home or PCR), or anything else that indicates your name, the date of absence, and any other pertinent info.

Types of acceptable documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Sick note from your doctor

  • Urgent care receipt/documentation

  • Appointment confirmation

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