With Trusted, it should be simple to get the answers and support you need. in addition to robust information and FAQ on the Trusted Help Center, we've built Trusted Inbox, where you can start, review, and reply to messages directly with your Care Team.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Help and support from the right expert - whether it’s a Care Coordinator, Compliance Coordinator, or your Clinical Success Partner.

  • Let us know exactly what you need - choose the topic or category and we’ll connect you with the right information!

  • All of your communications in one place - to easily view, and respond and refer back to.

A member of your Care Team will respond within one business day, but often sooner!

Need to call us? For all urgent needs or emergencies, please call the main line at (415)-466-1466

How to use Inbox

  1. Select Inbox from the app menu

  2. Choose existing conversation or click New Conversation to open a new message

  3. Select what topic your question is about

  4. Type & send your message

  5. Keep an eye out for a response from your Care Team - we'll notify you when there's a new message to review!

On the Trusted website:

On the Trusted iOS or Android app:

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