Cancellations. Before cancelling, connect with your Clinical Success Partner to discuss your concerns. If you must terminate your assignment, we expect you will make your best effort to submit a two-week notice. In addition, we expect you will not cancel your assignment to take another.

We hope you never have to leave your assignment early, but we want you to be prepared, just in case. Our facility partners take seriously the cancellation of an assignment, and therefore, we do too. If you run into issues on your unit, we are here to support and work through these with you! Cancellations for reasons outside of unit concerns and personal emergencies may result in an inability to work with Trusted in the future.

Reporting Safety Concerns. Please communicate directly with your Clinical Success Partner and unit leaders immediately in the instance of any safety concerns.

If you encounter unsafe situations on your unit, we’re here to support and advocate for you. We want to be sure we use proper channels to report this, as swift communication of concerns often leads to positive outcomes. Help us be there for you! You can check out more on reporting safety concerns here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and understand our expectations! Trusted Nurses are the best of the best, due in part to your participation in adhering to these standards. Let your Clinical Success Partner know if you have any questions on the above!

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