Below you'll find some more information on how to upload items for onboarding, either in the Trusted mobile app, or from a web browser.

On the Trusted mobile app:

📱 Select 'Upload file' (or 'Upload Front' / 'Upload Back'.) From there, your phone will prompt you to take a photo, access your photo library, or choose from your Documents:

After uploading, you will need to hit Save:

If do not hit Save, the app will remind you to save your changes:

From a web browser:

Navigate to the home page in your Trusted Profile and click 'Complete Onboarding' under 'Things to Do':

Your onboarding checklist will populate, with each requirement as its own line item.

To upload a document, find the line item for it and click 'Upload' as shown below:

You will then follow the prompts from the column which appears from the right hand side of the screen. In the below example, you are prompted to choose which style mask and the date the test was completed by clicking the drop down arrow:

Upload the file under this section by either choosing a file or dragging and dropping a file from your desktop or download folder into the 'Drop Files Here to upload or choose files'. Then scroll back up to the top right and click 'Save'.

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