In our continued efforts to equitably compensate our nurses for call back and on call hours, our policy is to pay all nurses according to our terms and conditions. As you may be familiar, facility policies apply to facility employees but don't always extend to contracted nurses. As a Trusted nurse, our terms & conditions provide the guidance for your working experience.

In all aspects of our compensation, we strive to offer the best pay possible. This applies to many areas: call-back, holiday pay, guaranteed hours and COVID pay to name a few areas. To ensure consistent treatment of Trusted nurses, we pay based on the terms & conditions of our contract. This may not match facility policy or payments exactly in all cases.

So when does Call Back Pay apply?

If you’re called back to your facility while you’re on call, the Call-Back rate applies for all hours worked in response to a request to return to the Medical Facility. Our nurses are compensated for a minimum of two hours when they are “Called Back.”

You must have left the facility for at least 30 minutes after clocking out from your last shift worked before being eligible for the Call-Back Rate. 🕑

Keep in mind that if your shift or case (Regular Hours) goes into pre-scheduled On-Call time, you’re no longer considered “on call” and those additional hours worked thus do not qualify for Call-Back Rate.

Remember that if your call-back hours result in you exceeding your contracted hours, these hours can still qualify for Over Time and Extra Time rates! 😊

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