So What Happened?

  • Prophecy healthcare has been bought out by Relias and Prophecy assessment functionality will now be migrated to Relias assessments.

You may have noticed this banner on your profile letting you know that Prophecy assessments will be down for maintenance from Sept 15th 8pm EST to Sept 17th 8am EST. This is to allow all the data to be transferred from Prophecy to Relias! This means you will be unable to login and see the status of assessments/re-assign/send reminders.


When can I log into Relias to access my assessments?

If you've taken Prophecy assessments before, you should receive an email on 9/17 with your new login information! This will also include the new Trusted URL for taking exams + the new password.

What happened to old assessments taken?

They will be migrated to your Relias Profile! You can access then on your Assessments tab.

What if I have assessments assigned that haven’t been completed?

Any assessment progress (started but not completed) will be wiped from Prophecy on 9/15 at 8pm EST. You will need to restart any uncompleted assessments but the assessment requests will migrate to your Relias account!

What if my password doesn’t work?

Reach out to your Care Team and we can get the password updated for you!

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