On your Trusted Profile, you can add bullet points to showcase extra details on your work experience!

You can use this for:

  • Overlapping Work Experience. Use the bullet points to add how many hours you worked at each facility!

  • Experience outside your typical unit. For example, if you were working a certain unit/area but frequently worked in another unit, you can mention this in a bullet point!

How to Add Bullet Points

  1. First, head to your Trusted Profile!

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit your position

  3. Scroll down to Description and add your bullet points

    1. Be sure to press ENTER after each bullet point so they will save!

      If you'd like to delete, simply click on the Delete (trash) button when you're editing your bullet points!

  4. Save your bullet points by clicking Update in the top right corner

  5. Check your profile to make sure they saved!

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