Your Professional Summary is a comprehensive snapshot of your years of experience and specialty experience.

As you fill out sections of your profile, your Professional Summary will continue to populate. Ensure you add Years of Experience and fill out your Work Experience to get started!

Adding additional info, such as active Certifications (BLS, ACLS) or Travel Experience (if applicable) will continue to populate the Professional Summary.

Click on the ā€œiā€ next to Professional Summary to get more detailed information about how this field is generated.

How do I change the Years of Experience displayed in my Professional Summary?

The Years of Experience field pulls from the Years of Experience you selected on your Profile.

How do I change the role displayed in my Professional Summary?

This pulls from the role that is selected on your profile. To edit it, click the pencil under Personal Info, and update your Role to the title that best suits you.

How do I include my certifications in my Professional Summary?

Ensure you have a current ACLS and/or BLS uploaded in order to see this reflected in your Professional Summary. Have an ACLS or BLS already uploaded? Check the expiration date, the Professional Summary only pulls in non-expired certifications.

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