If you've made it here, it means you're ready to set up your Trusted profile! We'll walk you through what you need to know to get to your next assignment.

Your profile is what gets you hired with Trusted

With Trusted, you're in control of your own travel nursing journey. That means you decide what hiring managers see when it comes time to request an interview -- and your Trusted profile is what is shared with facilities when you request an interview.

👉 Completing your Trusted profile is required for requesting interviews! For that reason, we suggest completing your profile as soon as possible.

What goes on my Trusted profile?

Your profile is like a resume meets a credential locker -- it highlights your expertise and gives a hiring manager insight into what you've done in the past. Your Trusted profile includes:

  • A professional summary

  • Work & education experience

  • Two references

  • Licenses & certifications

  • Skills assessments

  • Health documents

Other top questions about completing your profile

How to get started on setting up your profile

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