Tracking/Customer service:

How long does it take to receive the welcome box?

  • Currently 30 days

I filled out my form, when am I going to get my box?

  • Due to COVID manufacturing and shipping delays, most welcome boxes are now being shipped out within a month

How do I know when my box will ship?

  • You will receive a shipping confirmation email from Kotis, but please be patient, both manufacturing and shipping are delayed due to COVID-19

How do I find my tracking number?

  • Please look out for your shipping confirmation in an email directly from Kotis

What if I never received my box?

  • Please note that it may take a month before it arrives due to delayed shipping and inventory management. If it’s been more than a few weeks since you gave us your information, please feel free to contact the Care Team who can help look into it!

Kotis isn’t answering my emails/ phone calls, how can I get a hold of them?

I’ve gotten other gifts from Trusted but still haven’t received my welcome box - why?

  • Custom pieces from retailers like North Face take much longer to produce, embroider and ship due to limited availability from North Face itself.

Do we get a welcome box for each assignment? Or just my first?

  • Just your first (for now!)


What if I need a new size?

  • To exchange for a new size, please contact the Care Team who can set up a request. Exchanges only go out once every month so please be patient!

Can I purchase a new item?

  • Not yet, but stay tuned as we have exciting things in the works!

What brand is the jacket? How do the sizes run?

  • The jackets are from North Face. Sizes run true to size although North Face does not carry XS in Womens' or XXXL in either Unisex or Womens' so please adjust your size accordingly.

Is it a unisex jacket or male/female?

  • There is a unisex and a Womens’ cut option


What address do I use?

  • Please use your permanent address! Due to potential shipping or inventory delays, please avoid using a temporary address.

What if my address changes?

  • If you have already completed the form but have not received your confirmation email from Kotis, please simply complete it again with your new permanent address.

  • If you have already received your Kotis confirmation email, please contact Kotis directly to update your address.

What if they delivered it to the wrong address?

  • Please contact Kotis customer service for a re-delivery

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