Mental health and wellness is fundamental in ensuring Trusted nurses have access to the support and resources they need as they navigate their day-to-day.

Trusted offers nurses with active contracts various options for mental health support, including:

  • Employee Assistance Program via Magellan

    • A confidential program available 24/7 through a third-party offering:

      • 3 Counseling Sessions

      • Wellness Resources

      • Coaching

      • Online Programs, including webinars, live talks and articles

  • Wellness Benefits via Sequoia

    • A range of programs and applications, regardless of initial benefits enrollment, including:

      • 2 Virtual Therapy Sessions through SpringHealth

      • Meditation & Mindfulness library through Headspace

      • Audio & Fitness Workout Classes through Aaptiv

      • Physical Therapy Sessions though Physera

      • Coaching & Digital Clinic for Addiction through Quit Genius

Utilize the links above to learn more about each program offering and how to enroll.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Employee Assistance Program or Wellness Benefits, please contact with subject title “Wellness Benefits”

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