If you are having an emergency:

If you are having a clinical emergency while working, such as:

  • Concerns about safe ratios

  • An injury at work

  • A natural disaster or other event preventing you from going to or leaving work

  • An incident involving a patient or patient's safety

Please call (415) 466-1466 and choose the Emergency option.

We recommend that you save this number as a contact in your phone so you have it handy at all times.

When it's not an emergency:

For help with anything else, you've got two options:

1. Inbox chat in your Trusted app

Using the Inbox feature on your Trusted iOS or Android app, you can chat directly with your Care Team about any number of topics. Here's how to use Inbox:

  1. Select Inbox from the app menu

  2. Click Start a New Conversation to open a chat window

  3. Answer with Yes or No: is this about your current contract?

  4. Select what topic your question is about.

  5. Type & send your message

  6. Keep an eye out for a response from your Care Team - we'll notify you when there's a new message to review!

2. Contact the Care Team by phone during business hours

Our Trusted Care Coordinators can get you connected with the help you need. Feel free to call (415) 466-1466 6 AM-6 PM Pacific Time Monday-Friday.

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