Trusted provides a 30-minute off-duty meal period to employees who work more than five hours and a second 30-minute off-duty meal period to employees who work more than 10 hours in a workday unless they have elected to waive a meal period in accordance with Washington state law.

WA Meal/Rest Break Regulations 🔎 📜

In Washington, your first 30-min meal period must be taken no less than two hours nor more than five hours from the beginning of the shift, and a second meal period must be taken within five hours of the first meal period, if applicable. Further, if you work three or more hours longer than your normal shift, you are entitled to an additional meal period prior to or during the overtime period. Employees are also allowed a rest period of not less than 10 minutes, on the employer's time, for every four hours of working time. Under Washington law, you may choose to waive any of your meal periods.

When and how do I submit the Missed Meal/Rest Break Form?

This form will be used if you miss a meal break/rest break OR do not take your meal break within the first 5 hours of the start of your shift. Please refer to the form for further detailed directions.

✅ Please make sure the form is filled out completely and signed before submitting!

You will need to print it out, have it signed, take a picture of the form, and then upload it to your Trusted Time app. If you have already submitted time for the week, you may email it to us at 📬

📎 You can find the Missed Meal/Rest Break Daily Form here to print!

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