Trusted offers the 5 programs/applications below free of charge to any nurse on contract with us (regardless of whether or not you sign up for healthcare benefits). These programs are available to you for the length of your contract!

In order to sign up for each program or app, you can either use the links below which will bring you to a special employer link for each program individually, or you can download our benefit partner app Sequoia, where you will find all of the wellness benefits in one place.

You MUST use the same email address that you use with Trusted in order to link your account and receive these benefits for free!

If you have any questions about the specific programs or apps, please contact our benefits broker Sequoia here: Sequoia Employee Advocate:

Spring Health

Spring Health offers personalized mental healthcare, therapy, coaching and content for a variety of mental health needs from burnout to medication management.

* Trusted covers 2 virtual therapy sessions. Additional sessions will need to be financed by the individual.

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Headspace offers a full content library of mindfulness exercises to improve stress, sleep and relationships. Get access to guided meditations, articles and videos.

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Aaptiv offers audio and video fitness workout classes as well as personalized programs for weight loss, race training, flexibility, maternity and more.

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Physera offers virtual physical therapy sessions with support from experts and licensed physical therapists across the country.

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Quit Genius offers coaching and a digital clinic to help treat addiction to nicotine, alcohol and opioids.

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