Every week (so long as you’ve submitted your timecard), you’ll receive an email containing a link to your weekly Pay Preview.

Your Pay Preview contains the gross weekly pay (before taxes, reimbursements, and other deductions) that you can expect to be paid that upcoming Friday. We send this sneak peek to give you the opportunity to let us know if anything looks inaccurate prior to payroll closing for the pay period.

Need help navigating your Pay Preview? Here’s what to expect:

  1. First, you’ll find the days of your Timecard + Pay Period listed up top

  2. If the Trusted team had any outstanding questions about the timecard you recently submitted, you’ll find a message from the Payroll Team listed in “Important information”. (If you don’t have a message from payroll, don’t sweat it, it just means we didn’t have any additional questions about the timecard you submitted!)

  3. Next you’ll find your “Payment Summary” section which contains the breakdown of your total hour types worked for the week, the differing rates you’re getting for each of those hours types, and the total amount.

  4. Finally, you’ll find the “Time Entered” section that details the time you entered on your timecard for the week.

If you find the Pay Preview helpful, feel free to give us feedback! Questions on your Pay Preview? Click the “Contact Us” button to send a message to your Payroll team.

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