If you’re unable to make it home safely due to conditions caused by the current snow storm, please talk to your manager/leader and alert your Clinical Success Partner. Some facilities may offer a place for you to stay until the weather subsides, which would be considered 'non-productive hours', sometimes known as 'Sleep Pay.' Please check with your manager to see if this is an option for you.

For non-productive hours, the Non-Productive Rate will apply to any time you're required to be at the facility but are not working and is only to be used when you are asked to stay beyond your shift during an emergency natural disaster, such as a hurricane or snow storm

Adding Non-Productive Hours

You’ll add your Non-Productive hours in the same way you add any of your other hour types.

  1. Open this week’s timecard and tap the “Add Shift” button.

  2. Once you’ve selected the day you are adding time for, tap the “+” and choose the Non-Productive hour type

  3. If there are any other hours (like your regular hours or lunch time) you’d like to add to this shift, you can do so at this time. When you’re done, simply tap “Save Shift” to save your hours.


If you have additional questions, let your Care Team know!

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