Once you're ready to jump from "just looking" to "let's do this thing", we want you to be aware of the expectations we have of you once we start submitting you to facilities (and beyond). In turn, we also want to make sure you're totally clear on what to expect from us along the way!

🤝 Commitment. We expect that you are comfortable with the details on the Match page (including location, unit, facility, shift, job description, and compensation package) before requesting an interview.

Don’t click that “Request” button until you’re sure the job meets your needs! We totally understand you may have some additional questions on the opportunity, but overall, you should be comfortable with the details on the Match before you request that we submit you.

💬 Communication. We expect that you’ll be responsive throughout submittal, offer, and onboarding, and will communicate with the Trusted team respectfully.

Post-submittal, we’ve really gotta keep in touch, as we need to stay on the same page on your potential placement through this fast-moving process. We understand you may work crazy hours (we’ve been there, too), but we need you to prioritize your responses to us during important phases of the process. If your schedule makes this tough, let us know so that we can prepare for this and do our best to accommodate.

🙏 Special Requests at Submittal. All time off, scheduling needs, pair/group requests, and any other asks must be included at the time of interview request. Changes will not be accepted after this time (barring special circumstances). Also, please ensure your available start date is accurate at time of submittal, as offers are made based on this date.

Since facilities are typically looking to fill needs urgently, they expect that the requests you’ve made at the time of submittal are finalized. Be sure your details are accurate before you put in an interview request, so that we can avoid slow-downs and frustrations with the facility.

🕐 Timeline to Accept or Decline Offers. Once an offer is made, you must formally accept (contract signed) or decline an offer within 24-48 hours of receipt, unless otherwise specified. Failure to communicate during offer phase may result in an inability to work with Trusted in the future.

This one’s a biggie. Once offers are made, it's incredibly important to the facility that they know whether you’re taking it within a reasonable timeframe. If you are, amazing! If not, the facility needs to find a replacement, stat. Some facilities give more time than others, and your Nurse Advocate will set that expectation with you when an offer is received.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and understand our expectations! Trusted Nurses are the best of the best, due in part to your participation in adhering to these standards. Let your Nurse Advocate if you have any questions on the above!

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