As part of Trusted’s COVID-19 Response, Trusted Nurses are eligible for up to 14 days of wages and stipends per their contracted hours if they’re required to be quarantined while on assignment with Trusted.

Details & Qualifications for Trusted’s COVID-19 Quarantine Pay

  • Trusted’s quarantine policy does not apply to self-quarantine without a positive test. It only applies if the healthcare facility mandates quarantine. See ‘Proof of Required Quarantine’ under ‘Submitting for Quarantine Pay’ below.

  • Quarantine pay is based on contract terms, including the cancellation policy. For example, a cancellation policy of “facility can call off 3 shifts per 13 weeks”, would result in only stipends being applicable as part of quarantine pay for the first 3 shifts missed. Guaranteed hours (GHR) would apply after the cancellation policy has been exhausted. Any past or future cancellations toward that policy are accounted for as well.

  • Quarantine pay will not be reflected on your payroll preview, but it will be visible in your ADP pay stub under "Emergency pay/stipends”.

  • The Trusted Quarantine Policy has a 14 day maximum per nurse. Any additional time will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • When qualifying for quarantine pay, sick time will not be applied and thus will be preserved for this 14 day period.

Submittal Process for Quarantine Pay

Proof of Required Quarantine

Trusted will accept either of the following as proof of required quarantine:

  1. Positive COVID-19 test results*

  2. Signed Trusted Quarantine Authorization form. You can text or email the link to your facility supervisor or Occupational Health contact for their approval. It will automatically be sent to the Trusted team when completed. If your facility is requiring a paper copy to sign, please reach out to your Care Team.

*If your COVID results come back negative, you still may be eligible for quarantine pay during the period that the facility required you to be off work pending results.

Either document needs to be provided to the Trusted team by 5p PST Monday in order to be processed in time. If results or approvals are delayed, the missed shifts will be processed retroactively when either is received.

If you do not qualify for quarantine pay and wish to use standard sick time instead, please let payroll know by responding to your pay preview email. Our sick time policy can be found here for your reference. Utilization of sick time applies to payment of hourly rate only and can only be applied after 90 days of employment with Trusted.

For non-urgent questions, please respond directly to your pay preview email or text 415-466-1466 or email to reach your Trusted Care Team.

For urgent matters or situations requiring immediate assistance outside of business hours, please call 415-466-1466 and utilize the Emergency option.

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