As a Trusted Nurse you are paid weekly on Fridays, starting the second week of your assignment.

Part of your onboarding is to set up your ADP account. The Payroll team processes and posts to the account that you have listed in ADP for direct deposit.

If it's payday and you noticed you have not been paid, you can reach out to your Clinical Success Partner. The Payroll team will not know if the funds were rejected on the pay date. It takes 24-48 hours for the Payroll team to be advised that your direct deposit was rejected.

Once the Payroll team gets that notice, then they have to wait for your bank to return the funds to ADP who then will return the funds to Trusted. When Trusted gets those funds back, the Payroll team will include them in the next payroll back to you.

The Payroll team will do their best to get your funds to you as soon as possible, but this is a pretty lengthy process. The typical turnaround can be two pay cycles!

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