As a Trusted nurse, you are able to use eligible accrued sick time for the purposes of bereavement leave.

Per Trusted's Sick Leave Policy, you will begin accruing sick leave on your first day of an assignment with Trusted, and you are eligible to begin using this leave beginning on your 90th day of employment with us.

When using sick time for the purpose of bereavement, please log your hours on the Trusted Mobile App for that shift as "Called Out: Sick" add a note stating “Bereavement”.

Please note that while you may apply any eligible accrued sick leave to a shift(s) for bereavement leave, if you do not have enough sick leave accrued, or you are not yet eligible to use your sick leave, your shift will be unpaid. Also, sick leave used for bereavement cannot be used in the event of a foreseeable absence where time off was already requested and approved in your contract.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Care Team for assistance by sending a new message in Inbox.

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