All of the pay packages you see listed on each Match are pre-tax! We show pay packages this way because the amount one person is taxed will not be the same as someone else. Tax rates are dependent on many personal factors, and we want to provide the most accurate and consistent preview for everyone. Your tax rate applies only to the weekly taxable wages (your standard rate) and not the tax-free stipends. If you wanted to get a ballpark estimate of your weekly take home pay, you would deduct taxes from the standard rate, then add that number to your tax-free weekly stipends. Check out this article for more information regarding your take home pay and the ADP Calculator:

What if the same job is posted with another agency for more money?

We always offer nurses the highest compensation we can and that is always reflected in real time on Matches. We cannot honor or match pay you might be seeing elsewhere and understand if this is a factor in your decision to pursue this opportunity with Trusted.

Why is my GSA rate high?

In short, the IRS sets limits on the amount of tax free stipends we are allowed to pay out according to zipcode of where you are working. For example, we can pay more for nurses who work in New York City than we can for nurses who work Ohio since the cost of living in those areas varies greatly.

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