Every week by Monday, (except on your first week) you will receive a Pay Preview via email for the gross weekly (before taxes, reimbursements, other deductions) you can expect to be paid that upcoming Friday. This is for transparency and for the opportunity for you to let us if anything looks wrong prior to payroll closing for the week.

If there are any questions or corrections, please reply directly to the pay preview email ASAP! As long as you reply by Monday 10 AM PST/1 PM EST our payroll team is great and will make ensure any and all questions received and concerns are handled before closing payroll for the week.

Payroll previews include regular hours, overtime hours, double time hours, call back hours, on-call hours, extra time hours, charge hours, orientation hours, stipends, guaranteed hours, sick time used, any reimbursements, and accrued sick time.

Didn't receive a payroll preview?

As long as you submitted your hours before the deadline, let us know if you didn’t receive your payroll preview and we can ensure you get that ASAP!

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