On the Trusted platform, it's easy to find, prepare for, and work a travel assignment you'll love! Here are our best tips and tricks for landing your perfect travel assignment with Trusted:

Request your first Trusted interview with a single click!

Once your profile's completed (we'll let you know over email) you're ready to begin requesting interviews. Simply click 'Request Interview' on a Match in your Favorites List, and you're on your way!

While there's no magic number for how many jobs you should request, we encourage you to request interviews only for those roles you would seriously consider taking a position with.

Your Nurse Advocate will be your teammate in helping you land your next job!

Your Nurse Advocate is your ally through your job search. They'll help you through the entire process and can help answer any questions you might have.

Unsure of who your Nurse Advocate is? Scroll to the bottom of your Trusted dashboard to see who your Nurse Advocate is!

Once you request your first interview, your Nurse Advocate will reach out for a chat!

During this call, you’ll talk through your goals, how to have a seamless job search with Trusted, and everything you need to know to be successful.

Your interview requests will get a once-over.

Once you've requested an interview, your Nurse Advocate will take one final look at your profile to ensure you've got everything the hiring manager might be looking for!

A refresher on how to ace your interview.

Interviews can be nerve-racking! To help, we've compiled our top travel nursing interview tips so you're ready to rock your interviews.

Keep your Favorites list up to date.

Roles can fill fast at Trusted, so when you're ready to actively interview, we recommend keeping a few top jobs in your Favorites list in case the ones you've requested interviews for fill up.

Help us help you by keeping us in the loop.

In a job search, we know things change fast. We promise to proactively update you throughout the journey and we ask you do the same so we can best work together as a team.

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