Welcome to Trusted! You will receive a Welcome email from the Trusted Human Resources Team one week before your start date. If you sign your contract within a week of your start date, you will receive the email within 48 hours of signing your contract. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

To enroll in direct deposit, use this link to access ADP: www.workforcenow.adp.com

Once you've registered using the steps outlined in your Welcome email, you'll be presented with the ADP Onboarding Wizard. The wizard will take you through all of the required steps to complete your ADP profile. The wizard will take you through completing the Form I-9, tax withholdings forms, and setting up direct deposit.

Please ensure you complete all three steps of the ADP Onboarding Wizard by Day 1 of your contract.

Quick Tips for ADP Profile Completion:

  • All initial entries & future updates in ADP must be approved by the Trusted HR Team.

  • You can move forward with enrolling in benefits after Trusted HR approves your entries, which will be reflected via green checkmarks on your ADP landing page.

How to Set-up Direct Deposit:

  • Please note that your direct deposit account(s) should total 100%.

  • To add multiple bank accounts for direct deposit, be sure to add each account under a unique code when ADP prompts you to add each new checking account and routing number (e.g. CK1, CK2, CK3).

    • Example: Net Pay is $1,000

      • CK1 #1: partial net of flat $50 (or %)

      • CK2 #2: partial net of flat $150

      • CK3 #3: must be full net = remaining $800 will be deposited

How to Set-up Benefits:

  • Once you see all green check marks on your ADP landing page, navigate to the "Summary" tab.

  • Once you click into the "Summary" tab, you'll be presented with a link to enroll in benefits.

  • You can also navigate to this link by going to "Myself" and then "Benefits."

Please register directly on the benefits carrier website to retrieve your ID cards. It typically takes the carrier 7 days to issues your carrier ID card. To register on the carrier website, you will only need your personal identifying information.

All benefits are effective from Day 1 of employment.

  • You have 30 days to finalize your elections as a new hire, however, your coverage will always retro back to Day 1.

  • If you enroll in benefits after your first week of employment, but within the 30-day window, your next payment will deduct your benefits catch-up amount.

  • If you enroll in benefits on day 30, your next payment will deduct the first full 30 days of catch-up deductions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding setting up direct deposit or benefits, please reach out to the Trusted HR Team at hello@trustedhealth.com with the subject title “ADP assistance.”

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