If you need a verification of employment letter (VOE) or verification of income letter (VOI) for any number of reasons (i.e.; housing application, travel, or personal loan), you can quickly and easily download one by visiting our partner Truework. It's a simple two-step process:

1. Visit at truework.com/letter

2. Enter "Trusted Health" in the Employer Name box

3. Select the "Get started" button and you're all set to review & download the letter


If you're applying for a home loan or you have a third-party agency requesting VOE, please share this Truework's Employment Verification link and you're all set!

Truework Employment Verification

If you have a specific VOE form that you need filled out for a purpose other than housing applications or personal loans (such as for student loan forgiveness or for a state licensure application,) please contact hello@trustedhealth.com for assistance with the subject line "VOE assistance."

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