While there is no mileage requirement outlined by the IRS, there are some facilities that do not allow local travelers and have a mileage requirement of their own.

We do not define when a nurse is local and when they are a traveler. Since the actual rules are unique to each person, you must make that determination for yourself. As a reminder, we are not not tax professionals and we always recommend discussing any tax-related questions with a tax advisor. Check out this link if you need help finding one!

Taking a contract as a local assignment means that you would receive all of the compensation as taxable income. From our experience, the local rates are typically a couple of hundred dollars less than the pay package shown on the Match, sometimes more.

If you see a Match you are interested in and there is no travel mileage requirement listed, you can go ahead and request the interview. Your Nurse Advocate will be able to provide you with the exact pay package for a local contract.

We also have an awesome blog written by one of our nurses that dives deeper into this question and things to consider when determining if you qualify as a traveler for a given assignment: http://trst.ly/tax-home.

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