How does approved time off work?

Using, logging, & canceling approved time off.

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Approved Time Off

Your approved time off will be indicated on the bottom of the first page of your contract.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding time off and compensation. 

  1. First, any approved time off will be unpaid. Sick time is not able to be applied to personal or approved time off.

  2. Second, because your stipends are paid out in accordance with shifts worked, you will not receive a stipend for any contracted shifts that are not worked - including for approved days off.

Approved Time Off FAQ

How do I log my approved time off into Trusted App

For approved time off, you can log contracted time off as "Called out: Personal" and then select "Approved time off." Remember, you wouldn't be paid for this time.

How do I cancel approved time off?

If you plan to work during your previously approved time off, let your Care Team know as soon as possible so that we can remove these days from your contract. If you work during any approved time off without removing these dates from your contract, Trusted will be unable to pay you for this time, so be sure to reach out as soon as you know you will be available to work.

In order to be paid for the time you work during your approved time off, we'll need a 72-hour notice and either:

  1. A written note from your facility manager acknowledging your availability/cancellation of approved time off, or

  2. Proof that you've been added to the schedule for days that were previously approved for time off.

Please reach out to your Care Team via Inbox to get this process started.

What about paid time off (PTO)?

We don't have PTO at Trusted, but you may be referring to your sick time! Paid sick leave can be used toward medical care for an existing health condition, preventative care, bereavement leave, or specific purposes related to being a victim of stalking or domestic violence and not for personal time off.

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