Downloading your skills checklist as a PDF

1. Sign into your Relias account

You can find your skills checklists by navigating to Assignments and clicking on the Transcript tab. In order to start requesting interviews, we just need a skills checklist! If you have any clinical exams (competency exams) completed that's great! Those are not needed until after you sign a contract and start on-boarding

2. Find which assessment you'd like to download and click on the score under the Grade column.

3. A new tab with your skills checklist will open up! Click, 'Download PDF' to open up the expanded version (which is what we need) 

It will download to your computer/device once you press this button!

Once you saved your skills checklist, you just need to upload it to your Trusted Profile! 

  1. log into your Trusted account and go to your Credentials page.

  2. Find the Assessments section

3. Click, 'Add Assessment' 

4. You'll be prompted to select the issuing body, the assessment type, and the date it was completed. Then just attach your PDF below and click, 'Save'

Wohoo! That's it, you're all done! 

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