In order for your Nurse Advocate to get you submitted to any opportunity, you need 2 completed references. These references must be completed within the last year and for employment ending within the last year.

We always suggest reaching out to your references to ensure they are watching for the form, and to remind them to look through their email and spam inboxes to find it.

One reference must be from either a manager or supervisor. The second reference could be either a manager, supervisor, or charge nurse. No peer or personal references are accepted.

You're welcome to add as many references as you'd like, but Trusted only requires 2 references from the past 12 months. Asking for a reference from several people can sometimes help to get 2 completed reference forms back faster.

The references need to be on a standard reference form and should ask whether or not you are eligible for rehire. We are not able to accept letters of recommendation, no matter how great they might be! 

If you do not already have 2 completed references, no worries! We've made it super simple for you to request a reference and for your reference to tell us about you!

Once you enter in your reference's information and send the reference request, we automatically send that person a questionnaire that only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. Once your reference responds, their evaluation will automatically be uploaded to your profile.

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