Trusted Nurses will need to download the Trusted app and/or install the latest version. This is where Trusted Nurses can complete onboarding, access FAQ, quickly get the support they need from the Trusted Care Team, and manage timekeeping while on assignment. For more of what it can be used for, see below!

Click below to download the Trusted app for:

Utilize the Trusted app to:

  • Onboard for your Trusted assignment

  • Submit time

  • Track time

  • Get a weekly summary of hours

  • Easily add regular hours, lunch, and more

  • View past timecards

  • Access ADP for payroll & benefits

  • Access our FAQ & Help Center

For help navigating submitting time, attaching paper timecards, and more, check out 'How do I submit my time using the Trusted App?'

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