Interviews are perfect opportunity for an employer to determine whether you’re a good fit for a role and it’s just as important that you do the same. You should optimize this time to get answers to your questions in order to know whether you’d like to pursue the opportunity if an offer is extended.

Whether you’ve done this a million times before or are new to the game, we’ve got the low-down on what to expect, ask, and do before and after interviews in our Trusted Traveler Interviews Tips + Tricks.

Keep your phone on you and be sure to answer any calls from numbers you’re not familiar with and make sure your voicemail box is clear. If you miss the call, be sure to call back ASAP. Depending on how urgent the need is, Nurse Managers may quickly move on to the next candidate if you do not answer their call.

Here are some questions to get you started:


How long is orientation?
How often is orientation held? This is great to know in the event that you need a flexible start date.
How many shifts will you have a preceptor?

What color scrubs will you be required to wear? Do you already own an appropriate pair, or will you need to purchase one?

What EMR/Charting System do you use?

Specific unit population
What is the primary patient population and diagnoses?
What is the Nurse:Patient ratio?

What type of support staff is utilized (i.e. CNA's, IV Team)?

Use of travelers

Are they used frequently or will you be the first/only one?
Do they put travelers in charge roles?


In practice, how often does floating actually occur?
What units would you be expected to float to?
Will you receive any orientation to those units?


Is the shift set or is it rotating/variable?
Is there a rotating weekends policy?
What holidays will you be expected to be available to work?

Travel Pairs

If you and your travel pair have been submitted to the same position, be sure to mention each other during the interview.


  • Discuss time off requests

  • Discuss start and end dates

  • Get the interviewer’s name and let your Nurse Advocate know

  • Thank the interviewer for their time

  • If you are interested in the position, communicate how eager and excited you are to get a job offer! You can say, “This sounds like a great fit!” or “If the offer is extended I would be so excited to accept it!”

Let us know as soon as you have been interviewed!

This way we can follow up for the offer, or if you have outstanding questions or reservations, we can figure out the answers for you!

As always, your Nurse Advocate and the Trusted Team are here to answer any questions you have and be your support along the way while you interview.

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