The most important thing is to have the information you need to make a decision you feel good about! When you say YES, make sure you are committed to the assignment.

With that being said, the hiring manager usually needs an answer within 24-48 hours so they can extend the offer to another nurse if you decline.

Once you say yes a lot happens. The job closes and the hiring manager is counting on you to show up and be a great nurse for their facility on the start date you agreed to.

A lot of departments and people get to work right away to get you on-boarded quickly for a smooth on-time start.

After contracts are signed, everyone is counting on you to follow through. If you don't, the agency can get very expensive penalties from the facility as well as a loss of trust to be used again in the future. Broken trust and wasted money doesn't ever need to happen! We are here to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered before you make your decision.

The key is to say yes when you mean yes! 

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