Your Match dashboard is designed to show you Matches in real time that fit what you are looking for. We know what you are looking for based on what you told us in your Match Preferences.

Life plans change; so should your Match Preferences! Every time you update us on where and when you want to travel, right away you will see new Matches unique to you.

If you are not seeing Matches, step one is to check out these 3 things in your Match Preferences:

1. The DATE. Your desired start date might be too far out to see many live jobs. Start dates that are 6 weeks out or less from today’s date are when you will see the most jobs, since travel opportunities have a quick turn around time.

2. The LOCATION. If you only have very specific locations down for us to match you to, there truly might not be a lot of jobs in that one location at a given time. Pop into your Match Preferences and add a few more locations that would be exciting for you to travel to and see if that opens up more Matches.

3. Your SPECIALTIES. Look inside your Match Preferences and make sure all the specialties that you are qualified and willing to work in as a traveler are indicated.

If you’ve done all of that and you are still not seeing Matches, it might mean there are not many jobs open in the locations you want, for your specialty, at this time.

We are adding new locations every single day, and your Match dashboard will update in real-time whenever we do get that exact opportunity you are looking for! Make sure your notifications are turned on and your profile is fully filled out so as soon as it does pop up, you can submit right away and get in front of that hiring manager!

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