We see a lot of flexibility with start dates. Our rule of thumb is: as long as you are able to start within 30 days of the listed date, then you are definitely welcome to apply!

The start date of a Match refers to the ideal date that the facility would like the nurse to start working. Because the application, interview, and onboarding process can take many weeks, the date that is listed is not always firm.

If you are indicating that you are an ASAP start date, that means you’re ready to interview now and are prepared to start onboarding. This does not mean that the facility expects you to be ready to start tomorrow. An ASAP start date on a Match means the facility is wanting to fill a position as quickly as your onboarding can be completed.

Even after you are extended an offer and sign the contract, it takes about 3-4 weeks for you to be onboarded and ready for orientation. The availability of orientation days can also push back the start-date by a few days or a week.

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