There are no guaranteed hours during the first week of your contract, the last week of your contract, any weeks where you have requested time off, any week containing orientation, or any weeks containing a holiday. In all other instances, as long as you're willing and available to work your contracted hours and there is no facility "call-off" policy (see below), your hours are guaranteed.

Contracts may have a facility “call-off policy”, which always supersedes Trusted's otherwise (see above) guaranteed hours. That means a facility is allowed to call you off a certain number of your shifts during your assignment without obligation to pay. It is common to see a 3 or 6 call-off shift allowance (sometimes structured as once every two to three weeks) for a 13-week assignment. After they have used up all their allowable call-off shifts, if the facility calls you off and you are willing and able to work, you will then get paid for those hours.

Regardless of your facility’s policy, as long as you did not call in sick and/or voluntarily drop any of your contracted hours for the week, Trusted Health will still pay you your stipends that you would have received had you worked the shift that day.

Volunteering to drop hours or a shift does not count towards guaranteed hours and will prevent you from being eligible for stipends and wages.

Keep in mind that the existence of a call-off policy does not necessarily mean the facility will call you off or to that frequency. It simply means it would just be an option they have in the event they are overstaffed.

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