At Trusted, we match you in real-time with thousands of open roles.

When you sign up with Trusted, we ask you a couple of questions about what role you're looking for in your next assignment. Using this information, we match you to open opportunities in our database and show you which roles are a match on your Match Dashboard.

If you're not seeing roles you'd like to see, you can update your Match Filters at any time from your Match Dashboard:

💡 Match Filters control which opportunities you're being matched with!

Matches Filters allow you to change your start date, location, shift, shift type, contract length and specialty preferences.

Here's what the different preferences in your Match Filters mean:

🗓 Start Date

  • ASAP: As soon as possible! You’ll be matched to opportunities that start in the next 6 weeks.

  • A specific date: You'll be matched with roles that begin 6 weeks before and after your available start date.

📍 Location

There are two options when it comes to location preferences: 

  • Specific Location: Add in all of the cities and/or states you are interested in traveling to. We will show you all of the jobs that are within a 25-mile radius of those locations! 

  • Flexible Location: By checking the box [ Anywhere ] we will also show you everything else!

⏰ Shift Type

You can choose between: Day, Night or Both

🩺 Specialties

Add all the specialties that fit your experience as a nurse.

Browsing your matches on your Match Dashboard

On your Match Dashboard, we'll show you your matches organized by different categories:

  • Top Matches: these are your best fit assignments! These are a perfect match based on what you have in your Match Filters.

  • Special categories, such as by popular city, highest pay, shortest assignments, and compact state assignments.

Favoriting and passing on Matches

When you're ready to review your Matches, you can choose one of three actions:

  • Favorite: This will save this role in your favorites list so you can easily return to it.

  • Hide: This will remove the job from your list and lets us know you're not interested in this role.

  • Request an interview: This lets our team know you're interested in this job and that we should submit you for it! However, you can only request an interview once you've completed your Trusted profile!

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