First things first, make sure you're on the Credentials page.

Scroll down and find the Assessments section.

If you’re interested in a position with a specialty that you don’t already have a copy of a completed skills checklist for, we can send you one! Simply click 'Send Me One' and you will receive an email from Relias with the necessary information to complete the skills checklist. This is required in order to be submitted to jobs. Once it's completed, it will be automatically uploaded to your profile within 30 minutes of completion!

A drawer will slide out from the right that will allow you to search and select which Skills Checklist you'd like to complete. Just add it to the list and click 'Request' and then check your email. 

Not seeing the email? Don't forget to check your spam folder!

To cancel any changes you've made, simply click the left arrow in the top bar. You will be prompted "You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to leave without saving?" Just click 'OK' and your changes will not save.

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