Since we don't have recruiters and nobody here works on commission, we are able to be upfront with you about our compensation packages! 

We do not negotiate pay, which allows you to browse all your options with full transparency! 

To view the compensation package breakdown, please login to the Trusted App on a computer, click "Matches" on the left pane menu, and select the Match you'd like to view. There you can find:

  1. Your Gross Weekly is in the top right hand corner.

  2. The breakdown of your Weekly Wages is on the left side. This is the portion of your pay package that will be taxed! 

  1. The breakdown of your Tax-Free Stipends is on the right side. 

Can you honor pre-comp calculator rate?

Similar to browsing and booking a flight, it’s possible that rates change quickly in response to the needs of the healthcare facilities and the supply and demand for travel nurses across different specialties and care settings. We apologize for the frustration and always optimize for compensation transparency by keeping rates up to date in real time on Matches.

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