Go to your Trusted Dashboard

Where is this? On the home page before you have verified who you are.

Why do we need verification? Trusted is an exclusive platform just for nurses! One of the ways we keep it a secure nurse only resource is by verifying your license. It is really easy! 

How: Go to the Home section of your dashboard.

Click on "Get Ready to Interview" under "Things To Do"

Click on the option you want: Add License(s) or Verify Nursing License via Nursys.

Scroll down to the right side of the screen where it says "Licenses" > Click on "Verify Nursing License via Nursys"

Fill out the 7 fields.  Click Verify and you're done🙌

This automatically pulls all of your active licenses and adds them to your Credentials

Nursys is the provider we use to get your license information, so this form will automatically talk to Nursys and pull your information right to your dashboard! 

Nursys works with all states except MI. If you are licensed in that state, just simply upload that license. (See option 2 below) 

Option 2: Add Your Licenses Yourself (Only needed for MI) 

  1.  Navigate to Profile Completion on the right side of the screen.

  2. Click on License(s).

3. A drawer will slide out from the right for you.

4. Simply tell us your license number, state, expiration date and if it's a compact license.

5. Upload Documents

6. Click Save! 

To make any adjustments, click the pencil under Licenses!

To cancel any changes you've made, simply click the left arrow (<) in the top bar. You will be prompted "You have unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to leave without saving?" Just click 'OK' and your changes will not save.

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