With Trusted, onboarding for your new assignment should feel simple. Once you sign your contract, your Nurse Advocate will introduce you to your dedicated Compliance Coordinator, who will partner with you to ensure you’re compliant to get your assignment started on time. From there, this is how it works and what you can expect!


  • Credentialing and compliance

  • Onboarding to Trusted as an employee

Credentialing & compliance

Each facility has specific requirements (certifications, health documents, forms, modules, etc) that need to be completed by a deadline prior to your start date. These requirements will be made available to you via your onboarding checklist, which you’ll be able to access in the Trusted app and is where you’ll upload the corresponding documents and view their statuses (Pending, Rejected, Complete). We’ll help facilitate anything you’ll need to meet these requirements. Once we have these completed, they get sent to the facility for review and clearance. At that point, we’ll be able to provide you with orientation information.

Payroll & Benefits

During onboarding, you'll receive information to setup direct deposit and enroll (or opt out of) benefits. It's important to prioritize these prior to day 1 of your assignment to avoid any payroll processing delays or catch-up deductions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Download the Trusted app and turn on notifications

  • Upload documents ASAP: Please do this ASAP so we can review them and plan and prioritize accordingly - especially for items that can take time to get results for (days to weeks!).

  • Review the description & details carefully: Each facility has specific requirements -- whether it’s a vaccine v. a titer, or a signature or detail on certain documents. Be sure you’re uploading exactly what they need, or let us know ASAP if you don’t have it.

  • Partner with your Compliance Coordinator: They’re here to make this as seamless (and painless!) as possible -- be sure to communicate early and often.

  • The sooner, the better: While we’re working towards a compliance deadline to ensure the facility has time to review and clear you for your assignment, the sooner we can get things done, the more time we have to make any corrections.

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