Head to your Trusted Dashboard to see which tasks you need in order to start requesting interviews! 

Navigate to "Things to Do" and click on "Get Interview Ready".

This will bring you to your Profile and on the left hand side you will see "Profile Completion." This will show you your percentage of what needs to be completed!

In order for Trusted to put your best foot forward, we’ll need the following:

  • A profile (complete with 7 year work history and employment gaps)

  • Upload all of your nursing license and certifications

  • Education

  • Two completed professional references 

  • A skills checklist for the specialty of the position

Work Experience: Add all your work experience up to seven years here. Don’t have that much experience? No issue - add all the clinical experience you do have, and be sure to indicate any employment gaps. 🗂

Education: Be sure to include what you were up to between school and your first job if there was a gap in between! 📚

References: Hospitals need two references from your last 12 months of clinical experience. Letters of recommendation will not count! This step often takes the longest, so we recommend you start it soon. You can also upload a completed reference from within the last twelve months by following these steps.⚡️

Certifications & Licenses: This is where you list all your active licenses and certifications. Please be sure to include your license number where applicable and all expiration dates, so we can remind you to update when it’s time.🏆

Skills Checklist: You can request one for your primary specialty by following these steps. If you've completed one in the last year, follow this link: http://trst.ly/PDF-Checklist-Relias 📝

Background Questions: Let us know if there’s anything that will come up on a background check during on-boarding. No worries, we’re all about privacy! ❓

You can click on the arrows pointing down to give a description on what action needs to be taken!

Once all your tasks are complete, someone from our team will review your profile to ensure we have everything we need to advocate your candidacy! 

Once it's been reviewed, you will be able to start requesting interviews!

Once you request an interview it goes into a review process to make sure your profile aligns with what the facility requires. Your Nurse Advocate will look over your profile with a clinical eye to make sure you stand out to hiring managers. If there is anything additional needed in order to get you submitted, your Nurse Advocate will reach out to you directly. They will reach out to you to set up a time to chat, request more information or give you an update so be sure to check your text messages and email regularly! 

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