Go to your Dashboard 

Where is this? On the home page before you have verified who you are. After you verify the 4 items on your checklist, it will disappear and you will see all your Matches and get to meet your own personal Nurse Advocate! 

Why do we need verification? Trusted is an exclusive platform just for nurses! One of the ways we keep it a secure nurse only resource is by verifying your phone number. It is really easy! 

How? Just click the words "verify phone number" inside your home page. A place to put your phone number and verification number will pop up.

Click on Verify Phone Number and a drawer will slide out from the right.

Enter your mobile phone number and click Send.

Check your SMS text messages on your phone for a 4-digit verification code. Enter that code in the next screen when prompted. Then click Verify and that's it!

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